Timing / Translating
After learning how to do a DVDrip, I've moved to the next level which is timing. Boy! I have to applaud to every timers who's doing the dramas, variety shows, interviews, and etcetera for us. Personally, the variety shows are the hardest ones and I don't know how they did it but still, you have my deepest gratitude. Thank you!

I can say being timer is very tedious than translating. It takes me about almost a hour just to do a 6-mintues, if you think it's too long for that segment? Well it's quite normal for me because you know I'm deaf so I'm sure I did a great job. I don't know what the hell am I thinking since the lakorns I have are at least 2 hours per episode. 2 hours = forever. Bleh!

Wish I can translate but I just can't dues to my hearing inability.

Don't take timers AND translators for granted.

I've been meaning to learn how to do a proper DVDrip and I GOT IT! Special thanks to Wishmaster & dr_dante for their clear and simple tutorial. I know it's such a random rant but still, I wanted to say it's such a fun lesson. I always wanted to do it for my personal viewing especially lakorns (Thai soap operas/or dramas) because there aren't many subbing teams releasing the HQ raws and the subtitles except Viki and YouTube. I never like watching it online, I find it unpleasant, IMO.

Take a look at my comparison. Tell me what you think of its quality?


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